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Join a nationwide movement to expand the distribution of God-honoring documentaries, educational, and feature films.

Become a Movie Night Host

You can join our National Movie Night project, where we schedule select films to be screened all around the country during a specific date window, and you can utilize our national promotion effort to make it easy to promote your screening event locally.  Sign up to be a host with National Movie Night.

National Movie Night - Join us and host a movie night in your community!

You can also pick a film and a date of your own to host a Movie Night.  You will not have the same national marketing available to leverage for your event, but the following is the same, in both cases:

  1. You sign up to host a movie night in your community, either in your home, at a community center, church, or any other venue that is suitable.
  2. You order DVDs from our website: you can order Movie Night Host DVD packs of 3, 5, 10 or more copies of the film at discount prices to give or sell to your guests.
  3. Use our Movie Night Host checklist and promotion tools to prepare for your Movie Night, and invite friends and neighbors to your movie night event to watch the film and discuss the message, or invite the whole community for larger events.
  4. Offer the DVDs to your guests to make some extra money, cover the costs of refreshments, or pass on the savings to them. We will even take back unopened copies of the DVDs which you ordered, if you have some left over and have nobody to give or sell them.

Make an Impact

Movies make a difference and can change the culture. Join dozens, then hundreds, then thousands who are willing to bring God-honoring films into their neighborhoods and communities.

Sign up to be a host with National Movie Night!

To host an event other than a Movie Night, please enter your information below and someone will follow up with you soon to help you plan your event. Thank you for your interest in supporting the work of Freedom Film Distributors.


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