Become a Distributor

Who is it for?

This opportunity is an excellent way for families to work together, young people to gain valuable business experience and for seasoned professionals to use their talents and gifts to earn an income and strengthen our culture and communities. As an operator of your own business, working in community with other representatives from around the world, you will learn how to make a profit, manage an inventory, marketing, sales, contracts, cash flow, taxes, and hundreds of other lessons that will help you run this business and any other venture in the future.

What do I do?

Independent representatives apply for a distributor license for an exclusive territory and then purchase an inventory of DVDs from Freedom Film Distributors at a sub-wholesale price. They sell that inventory at retail prices to the public or at wholesale prices to retailers and organizations. Distributors conduct free movie nights to bring their local community together and showcase their DVD inventory. In addition to movie nights at libraries, retirement homes, community centers and churches, there are dozens of other venues and functions at which a film table could be set up and DVDs sold. Distributors also enter into agreements with local retailers to place point-of-purchase displays in their stores, enabling promotion and sales without the distributor's presence.

Where do I sell my inventory?

Community Functions

The Freedom Film Catalog continues to grow and will include titles from Franklin Springs Family Media, Answers In Genesis, Citizens United, Vision Forum, and dozens of other independent producers of high-quality, God-honoring films that would appeal to a broad spectrum of audiences. With historical documentaries, family life films, homeschooling, church discipleship, agrarian living, and instructional DVDs, there will be dozens of events and activities in which you can participate.

Look for regional education fairs, farmer's markets, parades, workshops, entertainment events and other places where you will be allowed to either set up a table and sell your DVDs retail, or where you can sell your DVDs through other vendors.  You will also be able to use the catalog as fundraisers for non-profit groups in your area.

Distributors at a convention Retailers

An outstanding way to move inventory is to partner with local retailers, gas stations, and specialty shops to sell your films alongside their other merchandise. Stores that sell cooking supplies might want to sell our bread making and canning DVDs to encourage home cooking. Hardware stores may want Measure Once, Cut Twice to promote woodworking among young people. The list is endless – there are many locations to place a point-of-purchase display at a checkout counter. Find a chain of stores to carry films from your catalog and you may be able to move hundreds of titles per month.


Many of the titles in the Freedom Film Catalog will be a great encouragement to congregations of any denomination. The upcoming release of Gather the Family will be an incredible tool for churches to invigorate their attendees by providing a dramatic example of the power of scripture being read in the home through family devotions

Churches can also become retailers by purchasing a 100-DVD case of a title and then distributing those DVDs to their members, or selling them as a fundraiser.

Local screenings of our films at a church are an excellent way to strengthen a congregation. Certain licensing requirements are necessary for public screenings, so be sure you follow the procedures in your distributor packet.

What help will I receive?

Our distributors are like a big family, and we treat them as such. In addition to providing you with marketing and promotional materials to enable you to establish an immediate presence in your community, we will provide both general and specific training to assist you in getting your operation started and in developing your skills as an entrepreneur. Our distributors help each other by collaborating together to share best practices and to encourage each other. Rest assured, you will not be alone – you will be joining a family of likeminded people that want you to succeed and grow.

What is the potential?

Running a Freedom Film Distributorship is a simple business that requires perseverance, organization, integrity, and hard work. We cannot guarantee your success, but we will provide you with the tools and the community necessary to succeed.

One of our desires is to build long-term successful entrepreneurs by teaching the fundamentals of accounting, finance, sales and marketing to our representatives. You will learn how travel costs, marketing, taxes, and other expenses affect your net profit and your bottom line.

Distributor Application










Distributor starter kits give you everything you need

Starter Kits include: DVDs, business cards, point of purchase displays, a banner, table runner, contracts, and flyers.  Specific quantities depend on your initial investment level.









Potential distributors must submit a request for an application to become a representative in their geographic area. Upon receipt of your request, a Freedom Film Distributor representative will arrange a telephone interview with you to discuss the details of the business and the application for a territory.

Once a successful phone interview is completed, qualified potential distributors will be provided with a short application to become a Freedom Film Distributor in  an agreed upon geographic region.  Once submitted and approved, new distributors will immediately be able to begin their business.

Initial Investment

The annual cost of your Distributor License is $250.

The only other expenses required to get started are an initial inventory of films and the appropriate amount of marketing materials for your region which may include business cards, table runners, brochures, banners, point-of-purchase displays and other marketing collatoral designed by Freedom Films to assist you in your marketing efforts.
We have several different levels of initial investment for your DVD inventory.   DVDs are purchased at a discount of 50% to 60% off retail.  The typical investment in DVDs, marketing materials and the license fee is between $1,500-$2,000.    
Arrangements can be made to accommodate individuals who need to begin their business with a lower initial investment in order to build their business and cash flow over time. Although it places some constraints on the distributor's ability to promote their business and meet demand, a minimal Starter Kit can be obtained for as little as $400-$500 (in addition to the $250 annual license fee).

The Process

Step 2: You will be contacted within two business days of your submission to schedule a phone interview to discuss your potential distributorship.
Step 3: Upon  a successful phone interview, you will be provided with a short distributor application. 
Step 4:  Submit your application along with payment for your first year license fee of $250.
Step 5:  Once granted your distributorship, you will work with our team to build the right mix of films and marketing material for your business and place your first order of DVD inventory and marketing materials.
Step 6: Meet with retailers, libraries, churches, friends, family, retirement homes, senior citizens, civic organizations and anyone else who might be interested in either hosting a Family Movie Night, selling your DVDs, or purchasing DVDs.
Step 7: As inventory runs low, restock using your profits from sales.  Interact with others in our distributor network to discuss best practices and learn from one another.


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