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Families Connecting at the Family Economics Conference

Monday, March 14th, 2011


This weekend saw hundreds of families join together in Raleigh, North Carolina to celebrate and learn about productive family economics at the 2011 Family Economics Conference.  Sponsored by Generations with Vision, the Family Economics Conference covered topics such as Vision for the Family Economy, How to Train Your Sons to be Financially Prepared for Marriage, The College Paradigm and the Family Economy, and Mentoring, Networking, and Contractualization, among others.

FFD families at Family Economics Conference

It was a special event that saw the rendezvous of several Freedom Film Distributor families. Alan Hillman's family represented Freedom Film Distributors in the vendor hall, Randy Winton and his sons had a booth for their new home business promotion venture Christian Home Industry, and I had a booth for a new project I've just launched called True Food Solutions, a community content and networking site focused on finding solutions to the challenges of finding healthy and affordable food in an era of rising food prices. It was a blessing to fellowship together with others from our Freedom Film Distributor family.

 The Wintons singing bluegrass gospel at Family Economics Conference

The Wintons were invited to perform their wonderful bluegrass gospel music for the large crowd, and provided wonderful uplifting entertainment during lunchtime and the evening keynote sessions.

Practical business ideas panel discussion

The Family Economics Conference addressed many issues that are foundational to the existence and vision of Freedom Film Distributors. It was a blessing to meet with and learn alongside many other families that are seeking to be productive in and through their family life.  We encourage you to purchase the Family Economics Conference audio to benefit from the wonderful widom shared by the speakers this past weekend.  Visit the Freedom Film Distributors website if you are interested in pursuing a simple family business opportunity you can do with your children.

New Year, New Life, New Things to Come

Friday, January 14th, 2011


Happy New Year! (only a couple of weeks late) While still not sure if I've finally emerged from the holiday season productivity black hole, things seem to be picking up and we're very excited about what's ahead for Freedom Film Distributors.

New Life for the New Year - Adeline Virginia

The close of the Year of our Lord 2010 was an exciting one for my family, as we welcomed our 5th child into our arms. Adeline Virginia was born New Year's Eve, so it was at once the most wonderful and most quiet New Year's celebration we've ever had.

Looking ahead to the year 2011, there are lots of exciting new things in store.  Here's a brief list:

  1. New promotion opportunities for fans of family movies and Christian films, including a fundraiser program that's in development, and an affiliate marketing program to allow all you bloggers and likeminded organization to help promote great films.
  2. Continued growth for the National Movie Night project, including additional screenings of hit films AGENDA: Grinding America Down and DIVIDED, plus new films in production to be released soon.
  3. New family films and Christian movie releases coming, including the powerful Indoctrintion documentary by Colin Gunn and his team, and the forthcoming family adventure movie Ace Wonder by John Robert Moore and the team at HeuMoore Productions.
  4. Events galore – conferences, homeschool conventions, festivals, county fairs, and more will see our distributors interacting with their communities to promote and share our great catalog of family films and Christian movies across the country.

If you have any ideas on how we can better engage the culture with God-honoring media, or questions about becoming a distributor or joining us as a Movie Night Host, please let us know.

Sharing family friendly films at the fall festival

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010


Even though it was near 80 degrees, it was undeniable: autumn had arrived.  This is fortunate, because Saturday was the 28th annual Craig County Fall Festival in New Castle, Virginia.  It's always nice to have the aroma of fall in the air when the Fall Festival arrives.

Craig County Fall Festival, New Castle VA

My family and I enjoyed a glorious warm fall day on Saturday at the festival. We were one of many vendors that set up a booth and interacted with our neighbors and community in this quaint little town tucked in a valley in the Virginia Highlands. We had the opportunity to meet some of our neighbors in the area, which is one of the most important reasons that we come to these events, and even got to meet some wonderful people that were visiting from out of state, which is great, because they can spread the word about what Freedom Film Distributors is doing in a completely different area.

The festival had live music, including performances by a popular (and very good) local bluegrass band, and there was funnel cakes and other tasty treats to be had as well. Local vendors sold all sorts of great items, from locally farmed produce to homemade health and beauty products.  Since the election is coming up, the candidates all had booths and were meeting and talking to the voters.  It was a wonderful piece of Americana that many do not get to experience much anymore.  We are fortunate to live in a rural community where this is the norm and life has been like this for decades.

We're looking forward to our Distributors and Movie Night Hosts contributing to this kind of community interaction in growing frequency in the future.  Sign up to get our email news and updates, and Like our Facebook page to keep in touch with us.

Family Industry and Virginia Agriculture

Thursday, August 19th, 2010
Matyas family at Newport Ag Fair for Freedom Film Distributors
This past weekend I took my family to our local town's 75th annual Newport Agricultural Fair (the oldest in Virginia) and we set up a booth to sell our products and meet and greet our neighbors. While it was primarily a booth for Freedom Film Distributors, we also took the opportunity to support some friends of our that also have home businesses. So next to the large selection of DVDs that make up the Freedom Film Distributors catalog, we set up a display of the Goat Milk Soap made by our friends Jim and PJ Jonas in Indiana, and a display of the Slickepott All Natural Chocolate Fudge Sauce made by my friend Ian Lamont in upstate New York.
We had a great response to the Freedom Film Distributors presence and collection of video resources, and it was a great opportunity to meet other families that are interested in God-honoring and family-edifying films. I was even blessed by the visit of a young lady named Billie Huskey who is a quadriplegic after a severe auto accident 5 or 6 years ago. For someone who had to learn how to talk again, it was a beautiful experience to see her bubbly personality and positive outlook on life that comes from her faith, and to learn how she is impacting other peoples lives as a physical therapist (yes, the licensed professional kind) and a motivational speaker.
Jason with Billie Huskey
Most importantly, we used this opportunity to train our children about the importance of hard work, attention to detail, industry, and the selling skills of communication and friendliness. My two daughters, age 6 and 4, made over two dozen beaded necklaces and bracelets during the week before the Fair that we set up on a display outside of our booth. My oldest daughter Lydia is naturally outgoing, and she would go from handing out samples of goat milk soap to asking people if they wanted to see her collection of home made jewelry. She was even consistent in closing each engagement with "would you like to buy one?" When faced with the engaging personality of this bright-eyed six year old, most were fully ready to make a purchase as soon as she asked.
Lydia selling jewelry at Newport Ag Fair
In all, this was a great opportunity to meet many of our neighbors in our valley and the surrounding areas, and talk about family business and family films. It is encouraging to know that this kind of community engagement has been happening all over the nation with our existing distributors, and will continue to grow in frequency and impact in the months and years to come.  
If this report is encouraging to you, would you consider joining us as a distributor or movie night host, or spreading the word to friends and family about the opportunity we provide? Thanks, and we hope to see you next year at the Fair.

The Wintons visit the Highlands of Virginia

Monday, June 21st, 2010

The Wintons play in the Virginia Highlands

The Wintons are enjoying the east coast portion of their cross-country tour, and they had the opportunity to stop in the Blacksburg, Virginia area to visit my family and perform a concert for friends and neighbors.  Their wonderful performance of bluegrass gospel music was a perfect fit for the Sinking Creek Valley where we live, where this kind of mountain music has a long history.  Attendees were excited to see all the films from the Freedom Film Distributors catalog, in addition to enjoying their great music and fellowship in our little spot of heaven in the Virginia mountains.

It was a joy to spend some time with their lovely family, and witness the beauty of a father and sons working together, supported by their wife and mom, who helps keep them on time and ensures all the little details are taken care of.  Many thanks to the Wintons for coming to visit and blessing us with their presence and their music.  Y'all come back, now.

A Cause To Believe In

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Jason Matyas, Director of Marketing & Recruiting The story of Freedom Film Distributors is just beginning, and there will be many chapters written in the coming years.  This is an attempt to add one of the initial chapters to that story, in the form of my story of how I came to be involved with the Freedom Film Distributors team.  The essential aim of Freedom Film Distributors is to change the culture through the permeation of God-honoring films in our society, to supplant the God-hating films that currently predominate.  This effort will largely be worked out in families, and the effect desired through our films is that of family reformation.  The family is the primary institution of human government, and is the building block of both church and civil government.  It is therefore of primary importance in its need for reformation.  This is important, because the journey to my current involvement with Freedom Film Distributors began with a family reformation.  While I was excelling in a military career as an Air Force pilot, on a path for early promotion and command, God turned my heart to my family and grounded there a realization of the importance of establishing the foundation of a godly heritage for my children and grandchildren.  What quickly followed was a 180 degree turn of my life course, with the realization that in order to disciple my children most effectively, I needed to homeschool them; in order to homeschool them most effectively, I need to be home as much as possible; in order to be home as much as possible, I needed to become an entrepreneur that was able to decide my priorities and time commitments.  So I determined to leave active duty after over 11 years and strike off with my clan into the uncharted waters of entrepreneurship.  After God's great providence in giving me some wonderful mentors and opportunities to quickly learn many aspects of entrepreneurial business, I have developed some important skills in the use of information technology and its application to many business challenges, among them marketing, sales, training, planning, and business processes.  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to lead a turnaround of a troubled computer training organization for my primary mentor and spearhead the launch of a social media marketing service for a successful internet marketing entrepreneur.  Networking, and social networking especially, has been very important in my development as a business leader, and it was through networking that I found and worked on both of those former efforts. So it should come as no surprise that I learned of and was offered a role in the launch of Freedom Film Distributors through a connection initiated on Facebook.  The founder of FFD contacted me after seeing interactions that I had had with some of his friends on Facebook and he noted our likemindedness on some important issues, as well as my background in social media.  After a short conversation and reviewing a description of the business model and goals, I was immediately interested in the opportunity, even though my background was not specifically in the film industry. Freedom Film Distributors is rather unique, because in an age of mega corporations with their vast bureaucracies and where a growing role of ecommerce in product sales has marginalized many traditional sales channels, it seeks to go back to the old paths by offering entrepreneurs a chance to run their own businesses and impact their communities through a local distribution strategy.  This is not only unconventional, but also somewhat counter to the trend occurring with media sales in general.  And it is precisely because of that counter-cultural nature that it will succeed.  By relying on independent distributors across the country that operate as entrepreneurs, many of the constraints on the creativity and resourcefulness inherent with a smaller team will be eliminated and allow these distributors to do what works most effectively in their territory.  Furthermore, since the distributors are members of a network that will utilize collaboration tools and have the support of a corporate office that provides training and support resources, the advancements made by individual distributors will be shared, used, and improved by others in the network, leading to greater effectiveness for the whole.  A distributed entrepreneurial effort in this Freedom Film Distributors network will be a key to our success.  We will be a family of families, all providing mutual support for each other.  And our efforts will be impacting families in our local communities and throughout the nation, as God uses relationships with our distributors and the medium of film to communicate His message of hope, and thus cause reformation in those families, then in the church and civil society as well. After quickly realizing all of this, and having recently freed up some time for a new venture, I accepted Steve's offer to join the team with great excitement and anticipation for the things that God will do through Freedom Film Distributors.  We have found others that have likewise caught the vision and enthusiastically raised their hands to join the team.  Would you prayerfully consider the opportunity to join our team and let others know about it as well?