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Freedom Film Distributors celebrates its 2nd Birthday

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Freedom Film Distributors logo

Two years ago this week, Freedom Film Distributors officially launched our effort to bring independently produced films that promote the values of Faith, Family, and Freedom to communities across the nation and the world through grassroots promotion and distribution efforts. It has been a challenging journey thus far, but we are thankful for the opportunity that God has given us to help families across the country get involved in promoting great movies in their local area.

FFD families at Family Economics Conference

We have independent distributors across the country that are raising awareness about independently produced films through networking, attended local and regional events as exhibitors, and through hosting movie nights. Many of our distributor families have found great fulfillment in working together as a family in a simple and straightforward family business, one that even young children can participate in and develop important life and business skills such as planning, accounting, marketing, sales, and customer service. Most distributors have joined us because they love the films that we promote – many have had life-changing influence on them – and their passion for sharing the messages of the films motivates them in their local promotion and distribution efforts. If you love family films and want to promote them in the context of a family business, please consider joining us as a distributor.

National Movie Night - Join us and host a movie night in your community!

Our National Movie Night project started last fall by premiering several new films nationwide, including Agenda: Griding America Down, which won the $101,000 Best of Festival Grand Prize at the 2010 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, and Divided, a controversial film that has had a huge impact on they way that Christians consider children and youth ministry. Since then, National Movie Night has held nationwide premieres of Resisting the Green Dragon, Jimmy Valiant: Scions of Danger, An Inconvenient Tax, Dale Evans: Beyond the Happy Trails, Gather the Family, Crying Wolf, and a special pre-release screening of Rescued: The Heart of Adoption and Caring for Orphans. There are several new films being released soon that we will be adding to the 2012 schedule, so if you'd like to host a movie night to expose friends, family, and neighbors to these great films, please Sign Up to Host a Movie Night today!


The Films

Here are some of the significant films that Freedom Film Distributors has worked to promote these past two years.

A More Perfect Union DVD

A More Perfect Union is the only feature-length film that portrays the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and is an important educational tool needed to provide the understanding needed to restore the American Republic.



AGENDA: Grinding America Down is a groundbreaking documentary about the Marxist agenda to systematically take control of the major institutions of American power.



Divided has become a very controversial film that discusses the modern ministry model for children and youth ministry, how that model has failed, and what the Bible says about the issue.


Indoctrination movie

IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America is a breakthrough documentary that reviews the history of government education in American – its founders and their worldview, the development of the public education institution, and the effects it has had on our culture and society.


Gather the Family is the first film that portrays families practicing Family Worship and provides an essential tool for fathers that want to lead their families spiritually.


The Homestead Blessings series is a one-of-a-kind collection of practical how-to videos on the lost arts of homemaking and homesteading.  From gardening, canning and cooking to candlemaking, sewing, and soapmaking, this series has something for every current or aspiring homemaker.


2nd Birthday Celebration Savings

You can get special savings on our entire catalog of products this week during our birthday celebration. Get 30% off your subtotal by using code 'FFDbirthday' at checkout. Don't forget to check out our unique product packs and gift certificates, which make great gifts for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

Freedom Film Distributors gift certificate


Coming Soon…

Freedom Film Distributors has some great new initiatives coming to kick off our third year in operation. We will be launching a robust affiliate program that will provide the opportunity for anyone to promote our films online or locally, including special focused affiliate campaigns for select products. We will also be making a fundraising program available for people to use to raise funds for their groups or causes through sales of our films. If you are interested in these initiatives, please sign up on our email list and identify your interests so we know how to follow up with you.

It has been an honor and privelege to serve as a conduit for grassroots independent film promotion and we look forward to what the new year holds. We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May God bless you and yours in the year ahead.


Enter to Win a $50 Gift Certificate for the 2nd Birthday Celebration



Family Worship is on the Rise and Gather the Family will Help

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Generations Radio with Kevin Swanson

Family Worship is on the rise.  Kevin Swanson of Generations Radio discussed family worship and interviewed Donald Whitney, author of Family Worship in the Bible, in History, and in Your Home, along with the founder of Freedom Film Distributors, to discuss this trend and what is driving it.  Ultimately, God calls on His people to worship him in daily life, and the application of this in the home is what is referred to as Family Worship.

 Gather the Family screenshot - father leading family worship  Gather the Family screenshot - Family Worship

Don Whitney shared the biblical and historical basis of this practice, and the founder of Freedom Film Distributors shared about the just-released Family Worship video titled Gather the Family, produced by Ken Carpenter of Franklin Springs Family Media.  Kevin Swanson declared

"It is the best video on family worship, on fatherhood, on discipleship in the home… I think it's the top number one best produced video on these things."

Gather the Family Family Worship DVD

Don's book is one of many Family Worship Resources found along with Gather the Family on the new website

 Family Worship in the Bible, in History, and in your Home by Don Whitney

You can help encourage the practice of daily family worship by hosting a movie night for Gather the Family the weekend of October 14-16, and by purchasing one or more copies of the Gather the Family DVD to share with friends and family.  Also consider asking your church to host a screening of the film for the Gather the Family National Movie Night and to consider purchasing some Family Worship Resources.

National Movie Night - Join us and host a movie night in your community!

Gather the Family is Now Available – Part of the new Freedom Family Six Pack

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

It's Finally Here!

Gather the Family Family Worship DVD

Gather the Family is the newest release from Franklin Springs Family Media, and finally provides on video a coverage of the important topic of family worship.

Gather the Family screenshot - Family Worship

Gather the Family celebrates the “invitation to joy” that’s at the heart of family worship. Modern busy lifestyles conspire against families taking the time to gather together. But Gather the Family visits families across the country who are enjoying the benefits that abound when families take even a few minutes to worship God together during the week.

Gather the Family screenshot - father leading family worship

Far from a burden or drudgery, this film reveals the joy that emerges when family worship becomes a priority in the home.  Family worship holds the lasting value of building biblical truths in the foundation of a family. The experience also forges family unity in a uniquely rewarding way.

Much more than just a “how-to” instructional guide, Gather the Family inspires and encourages families to accept the “invitation to joy” that’s offered when they gather for family worship.

Gather the Family screenshot - kids smiling

Freedom Film Distributors is excited to bring you this new inspiring family worship resource!  We have created a new special family pack that combines Gather the Family with some of our best family vision resources. 

Freedom Family 6 Pack - Best Family Vision videos

The Freedom Family Six Pack includes the following videos:

A Journey Home


The Family Heritage of Hunting

Gather the Family

Inherit the Land

Return of the Daughters


Until the end of June, get 40% off the retail price of these videos when you buy them in the Freedom Family Six Pack – only $69!

Use code "FreedomFamily611" at checkout

Offer good through midnight ET June 30th.

 Order the Freedom Family Six Pack today!

Families Connecting at the Family Economics Conference

Monday, March 14th, 2011


This weekend saw hundreds of families join together in Raleigh, North Carolina to celebrate and learn about productive family economics at the 2011 Family Economics Conference.  Sponsored by Generations with Vision, the Family Economics Conference covered topics such as Vision for the Family Economy, How to Train Your Sons to be Financially Prepared for Marriage, The College Paradigm and the Family Economy, and Mentoring, Networking, and Contractualization, among others.

FFD families at Family Economics Conference

It was a special event that saw the rendezvous of several Freedom Film Distributor families. Alan Hillman's family represented Freedom Film Distributors in the vendor hall, Randy Winton and his sons had a booth for their new home business promotion venture Christian Home Industry, and I had a booth for a new project I've just launched called True Food Solutions, a community content and networking site focused on finding solutions to the challenges of finding healthy and affordable food in an era of rising food prices. It was a blessing to fellowship together with others from our Freedom Film Distributor family.

 The Wintons singing bluegrass gospel at Family Economics Conference

The Wintons were invited to perform their wonderful bluegrass gospel music for the large crowd, and provided wonderful uplifting entertainment during lunchtime and the evening keynote sessions.

Practical business ideas panel discussion

The Family Economics Conference addressed many issues that are foundational to the existence and vision of Freedom Film Distributors. It was a blessing to meet with and learn alongside many other families that are seeking to be productive in and through their family life.  We encourage you to purchase the Family Economics Conference audio to benefit from the wonderful widom shared by the speakers this past weekend.  Visit the Freedom Film Distributors website if you are interested in pursuing a simple family business opportunity you can do with your children.

National Movie Night premiere of DIVIDED starts tonight

Friday, December 3rd, 2010
National Movie Night
New Divided documentary is being premiered nationwide this weekend through Freedom Film Distributors and its National Movie Night project
Divided the Movie
Esmont, VA, 12/2/2010 — The new documentary film DIVIDED is being premiered nationwide this weekend through National Movie Night, a project of Freedom Film Distributors. Over 65 hosts have volunteered to show the film in their homes, churches, and private facilities during the weekend of December 3-5.  This is the first of several nationwide screenings of this new documentary on the American church and youth ministry.
The producer, Peter Bradrick of the National Council of Family Integrated Churches, chose to partner with Freedom Film Distributors to promote and distribute the film nationwide through its grassroots network of independent distributors and through screenings of the film as part of the National Movie Night project. National Movie Night is designed to harness the energy of fans of family-oriented films by giving them a way to host movie nights for independently produced films in their communities.

DIVIDED follows young Christian filmmaker Philip LeClerc on a revealing journey as he seeks answers to what has led his generation away from the church. Traveling across the country conducting research and interviewing church kids, youth ministry experts, evangelists, statisticians, social commentators, and pastors, Philip discovers the shockingly sinister roots of modern, age-segregated church programs, and equally shocking evidence that the pattern in the Bible for training future generations is at odds with modern church practices. For more info and to see the film trailer, visit:
National Movie Night - Join us and host a movie night in your community!
The National Movie Night project was recently launched as one component of the strategy of Freedom Film Distributors to build an alternative distribution network outside of the existing Hollywood structures. National Movie Night establishes a schedule of nationally coordinated movie nights that will focus promotion for a particular film in a defined date range. This will allow Freedom Film Distributors to leverage its national promotional campaigns through its Movie Night Hosts at the local level for the film screenings they are hosting. Movie Night Hosts will be provided with planning guidance and promotional tools to set up and promote their movie night, and with DVD packs to distribute to event attendees. The goal is to provide a conduit for grassroots activism to promote independently produced family-friendly films to diverse audiences all around the country. For more info, visit:
Company History
Freedom Film Distributors is a film distribution company focused on independently produced faith-friendly, family-oriented, and freedom-loving films and educational videos. Its business strategy is a decentralized model of distribution using a network of local distributors to engage both consumer and wholesale markets in their territories through a combination of event marketing, organizational partnerships, and local networks. Movie Night Hosts help promote films through the National Movie Night project and other local film screenings. Organizational partnerships and affiliates help broaden the awareness of the Freedom Film Distributors catalog of God-honoring and family-edifying products.
For more information, contact Jason Matyas, Co-Founder of Freedom Film Distributors at 434-321-8909 x321or  Visit Freedom Film Distributors online at
 Freedom Film Distributors

Special Report from the Providential History Festival

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010
We're happy to share this report from our distributors in Omaha, Nebraska, Brian and Kit Fox, who this past weekend attended the Providential History Festival.
 Fox family at Providential History Festival
The Fox Family was a Bronze Sponsor of the Providential History Festival this past weekend at the Strategic Air and Space Museum in Ashland, NE. The Festival showcased speeches, dramas, table displays, short stories, and essays all focused on the providence of God throughout history. It is an amazing event that we encourage you all to attend next year!
Providential History Festival
At the Festival we were able to display and sell our great line of Freedom Films. We had the opportunity to meet many new people and also let our friends see what we have been up to these past several months. People we met were excited about the vision of Freedom Film Distributors and look forward to seeing more of us in the future.   We recently booked a venue for our first Family Movie Night and we were able to get the word out to a large audience.
 Providential History Festival
It was wonderful to have our whole family working together, from the planning stages to the final event. One of our most important goals for our involvement with Freedom Film Distributors is to use it as an entrepreneurship training tool for our five sons. It is exciting to see them use their unique giftings in our venture. It's also great to be able to stretch them each a bit so we can all grow in our abilities.
Fox family at Providential History Festival
A couple of special opportunities arose from this event. First, we met a local radio personality who is willing to do a short interview of our family to let the community know about Freedom Film Distributors! Also, we had the privilege of announcing the awards in the drama category, giving us stage time to talk about our vision and the ability to present the winner with a gift from the Freedom Film Distributors catalog.
While we have done several Freedom Film events this summer, this was our largest local event so far. It was great to share our family and distributor vision with those in our community. We look forward to the opportunity to serve in new and exciting ways, starting with our first movie night next month.

The Winton boys are Champions

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Cody playing banjo with Jesse on guitar

We’re excited to announce that The Wintons, our distributors in the northern California area, have added some additional honors to their growing list of accomplishments.  Jesse and Cody Winton competed in the California State Old-Time Fiddle & Picking Championships this past weekend, which is held annually in Oroville, CA, and they each won their divisions on mandolin and banjo, respectively, in this very lively musical competition.

Cody champion with other winners

Father Randy Winton reports:

“Jesse won the Jr. Division last year on mandolin, so he competed in the Open Division (all ages allowed to enter;  is generally comprised of adults and prior winners no longer able to compete in their age divisions due to multiple prior wins) and won this year.  Cody competed in the Jr. Division (12-17) and won on banjo.  The picking championships are all three instruments, banjo, mandolin and guitar, competing against one another for the top prize.  Each contestant plays two songs, one slow and one fast tune.  They are judged by a panel in multiple areas using a point system;  tuning, timing, tone and difficulty.  Jesse played “Over Cincinnatti” and “1 Corinthians 1:18.”  Cody played “Cotton-Eyed Joe” and “Reuben.”   They chose not to compete on fiddle this year.  They each received medals as well as a cash prize.  They would love to compete at the National Picking Championships held annually at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas in September.  Lord willing, we would love to send them if the Lord provides the funds.”

Jesse playing mandolin

What is more amazing than the fact that the two brothers are both champions in their respective instruments, and that Jesse competed against the adults this year, is that Jesse had an accident playing sports last week and fell very hard on his wrist.  Though he did not wear it while playing, you can see the brace and sling he is wearing in the picture of the winners together below.  His God-given skill is even more evident in light of these circumstances – that he had to play through injury and pain – and yet still came out on top.

Jesse champion with other winners

More impressive than their display of skill is the fact that these young men are working together with their father to provide for their family through their bluegrass band and their promotion of God-honoring films through Freedom Film Distributors, and are ministering to people all across the west coast in the process.  The Wintons are a wonderful picture of Christian family life – a demonstration of family culture that we hope continues to spread across the nation and the world.

The Keusal Family is on a Journey Home

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Andy Keusal picked up a Freedom Film Distributors brochure at the Sufficiency of Scripture Conference in December of 2009.  Being an entrepreneur at heart, and also a fan of Franklin Springs Family Media, the opportunity to become a distributor caught his attention.

A Journey Home DVD

The Keusals have watched many of the Franklin Springs films, but when asked which film is his favorite, Andy says, “Hard to choose, but probably A Journey Home, because it was so timely for me and for my family.  I have been wrestling for years with leaving home each day to go to my corporate job, being gone for 11 hours, etc., and we have also been feeling more and more led to move to the country, get some land, and find a way to spend some more time together as a family, especially as we add more children to the household.  So obviously that film really impacted us for a lot of reasons — here was a guy who had the courage to do what I have been talking about doing for years, and the way the story is told is so beautiful.  I’ve watched it at least ten times, and my family has, too.”

Largely inspired by A Journey Home, the Keusal family recently moved from urban Columbus to a rural location in central Ohio.

Andy found Freedom Film Distributors to be particularly appealing because of his desire to work from home and spend more time with his family.  “[Freedom Film Distributors] seems like a great way to ease into doing that, especially because the product is such a natural fit — I can’t think of anything I would be more passionate about promoting!

“Extra income is always nice, but the primary driver for me is freeing up my time, since I really have enough to meet my needs through my job — but I want to start creating other sources of income, so as to allow for eventually leaving my job. Of course, there are lots of ways to make additional income, but this one meets the other critical criterion, which is to be doing something that impacts people’s lives and advances the kingdom of Christ. If that were not true of an opportunity, I just don’t think I could consistently put time and energy into it, even if it created some decent income.

The Andy Keusal family

“My wife and I feel very convicted about doing this, and we are praying that our kids will really jump in and have fun with it, too, as we get started.”

A Good Report from the Maine Homeschool Convention

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Alan Hillman provided a report late Saturday of great success at the first homeschool convention of the year – the Homeschoolers of Maine Convention held Friday and Saturday in Rockport, Maine.  While there was success in terms of product sales, even greater was the opportunity realized to fellowship with and minister to homeschool families through the Hillman family’s experience and by offering the life-changing films in the Freedom Film Distributors catalog.  The Hillman family’s vision to do business as a family was on display, as their children helped them work their booth, including writing receipts for customers and making change, in addition to offering the products that their children make at home for their Honeysuckle Farms business.  Their children were able to interact with other children of attendees and exhibitors, and the picture of a family working together proved to be powerful.

Grace Hillman at Maine homeshool convention with Freedom Film Distributors

Alan reports: “Our daughter Abigail had also made some dolls called “His World Dolls” and each one has children that are from a different country.  On our website she puts the family name, nationality, a little about their country, and the favorite family bible verse for that family. She sold three sets of those and thats a double blessing, actually triple:  we are blessed to see other girls happy to play with innocent godly dolls (one little girl paid with her own money), our girls were blessed, and the final blessing comes from the fact that Abigail donates 10% to Operation Nehemiah Missions to the Sudan!”

The Hillmans created a wonderful booth display, including items related to the films they were offering to present a more tangible understanding of the content.  This use of candles made by the West Ladies featured in the Homestead Blessings DVD series is one good example.

HSB Candles at Freedom Film Distributors convention booth

Interest was so great in their booth that they found themselves being flooded with shoppers even after many other vendors had closed their booths.  Alan told us that “Shelley and I were both talking and ministering to separate people and all of a sudden we had 4-5 people looking at DVDs.  The woman in the pink (pictured below) had walked a friend over and was going through each Homestead Blessing DVD and was explaining it to her what each one was about in detail.  The other people there listened intently” and this customer’s sharing of her experience with the films led to her friend making a purchase before leaving.  When your customers make the sale for you, you’re in good shape!

Hillman booth at Maine homeschool convention - customer makes a sale

We are excited to see other distributors engage with the public at upcoming conferences and other events, so be sure to stay tuned for more updates.  If you are inspired by the Hillman family’s example and are interested in getting involved, see the Join Us section of our website.

The Family Economics Conference will Continue to have an Impact

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Thank you to Kevin Swanson and all of the many volunteers who made the Family Economics Conference a great success.  Knowing that there are thousands of families across the country which are taking important first steps towards an independent lifestyle is extremely encouraging.  Unfortunately for most, myself included, we have spent so many years attaching chains to our time and finances that it will take some effort to extricate ourselves.  Conversations with brothers and sisters that are debt free, earning income from multiple different sources and growing a good portion of their own food gives me something to look forward to.

If you were not able to attend the Family Economics Conference, but are in need of the excellent teaching that was shared there, you can now order the audio and video.

Family Economics Conference audio & video sets

I pray that we can all take the initial steps necessary to begin a journey which will lead to a life of true freedom for our children and grandchildren, both in Christ and in this world.