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SAICFF Jubilee Awards for Best in Christian Film

Thursday, March 1st, 2012
SAICFF 2012 Jubilee awards stage
This year’s San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF) was by all accounts, a fantastic event. SAICFF has become the largest independent Christian film festival in the world, and awards the largest prize for any independent film festival – the $101,000 Best of Festival Jubilee Award.  SAICFF Founder Doug Phillips proclaimed "Our mission is to inspire, encourage, reward and ultimately to build a replacement industry for Hollywood. Too many simply complain about Hollywood's darkness. Our mission is to light candles of hope by affirming those films that exalt what is true, good, and noble."
SAICFF 2012 Christian Filmmakers Academy Doug Phillips and panel
The Christian Filmmakers Academy ran for three days before the film festival, and was a great time of learning and networking. Students at the CFA were treated this year to talks by film industry veterans like Kirk Cameron, Stephen Kendrick, Geoff Botkin, Tryg Jacobsen and others. There was more emphasis this year on the business side of filmmaking – film promotion and distribution – which is much-needed from our perspective as one of the only alternative film distribution companies around. We’re excited that there is now more discussion of this fourth part of the SAICFF mission statement: “To facilitate the development of alternative and independent vehicles for producing and distributing films outside the Hollywood machine, which will build, bless, and benefit the American family.”
The Film Festival was an exciting lineup: six semi-finalists for Feature Film, 25 semi-finalists for documentary, seven semi-finalists each for Creation and Great Commission categories, 16 semi-finalists for short film, nine semi-finalists for Young Filmmaker, and five semi-finalists each for Promotional Media and Commercial Advertisement. 
SAICFF 2012 Jubilee winners - Fernandez, Gunn, Kendrick, Doug Phillips, Garcia, King
The 2012 SAICFF Jubilee Award Winners included:

SAICFF 2012 Steven Kendrick acceptance speech for Courageous

Courageous producer Steven Kendrick gave a moving acceptance speech. "I want to take this opportunity, as we made a movie about fatherhood, to honor my father," Kendrick stated. "He was the chainbreaker in our family . . . and there's no one who's had a greater impact on our lives [as] his sons."

"The motto of [Courageous] was: Dads need to stand up and turn their hearts toward the Lord and say, 'As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,'" continued Kendrick. "And it was our Dad that taught us to do that, and it's an honor to pass on that legacy to our children."
Three of these Jubilee award winners are currently scheduled to be screened nationwide in the coming months through National Movie Night, a project of Freedom Film Distributors designed to enable grassroots promotion of independently produced films. We are working on adding other finalists and award winners to the National Movie Night schedule and our catalog of independent Christian films.
IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America
The nationwide premiere of the SAICFF Best Documentary winner IndoctriNation is scheduled for March 16-18thIndoctriNation takes a hard look at the true state of public education in America, its humanistic origins, and whether Christians should be giving their children over to the state education system.
IndoctriNation producer Colin Gunn stated that Indoctrination was made for "others out of genuine love for the concerns of children in America. We were so blessed to give this message. And at the end of the film [we] make it clear: The problem with public schools is that [they] drive children away from Christ. And that was the real reason for making this film, and we pray that the Lord was glorified in it."
Two Hats - 2012 SAICFF Best Great Commission Film winner
The nationwide premiere of the SAICFF Best Great Commission film winner Two Hats is scheduled for March 30th – April 1st. This moving documentary about Brad and Deborah Wells and their 7 children leaving Idaho to go to the missions field in Papau New Guinea follows them through both setbacks and accomplishments as they share God’s Word, raise a family, and establish the country’s first Christian radio station.
Two Hats producer/director Andrew Garcia accepted the award, saying "This is an incredible honor, and I want to start by thanking my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without Him, this film would never have come to be. . . . And then, of course, the missionaries who were in the film . . . and the thousands of missionaries all over the world. Even as we sit here tonight, who are faithfully serving — not with eye-service as men-pleasers — but as unto the Lord. This award is dedicated to them."
Crying Wolf - 2012 SAICFF winner of Best Creation Film
The winner of the SAICFF Best Creation film Crying Wolf will be screened nationwide for “Earth Day” weekend April 20-22. Crying Wolf is about exposing the lies and proclaiming the truth about what the movement to bring back wolves to Yellowstone – and the rest of America – was, and is, really about, examined through the lens of biblical stewardship and conservation.
"[T]his project wasn't [fundamentally] about wolves or wolf re-introduction," remarked producer Jeff King, "but about reintroducing to the world biblical concepts of stewardship and dominion."
National Movie Night banner
You can be a part of these nationwide screenings in your community by signing up to host a movie night  in your home, church, or other venue.  National Movie Night provides Movie Night Hosts with planning and promotional tools to set up and promote their movie night, and with discounts for the DVD. Please consider being a part of helping promote these award-winning independent films in your area.
What SAICFF films do you most want us to distribute and promote through National Movie Night? Please let us know in the comments.
* Thanks to John-Clay Burnett for photographic contributions.

Challenging Call to take Hazardous Journeys at the 2012 SAICFF

Saturday, February 25th, 2012
SAICFF 2012 Doug Phillips casting a vision for the Hazardous Journeys Society
Today was a major day for viewing films. Here at the festival, the Young Filmmaker and Short Film categories are heavily anticipated, and both began showing today. After lunch, the theater room showing the short films was filled to capacity. By the end of the day, all the feature films and most of the documentaries have shown at least once. 
By the end of tomorrow, most of these same films will have been shown twice. There are usually four different theatres showing different categories of film at the same time, so attendees usually get to see about half the films. Because I’ve seen about 10 of the films before (significant thanks to the National Movie Night program, which screened several of them recently), I will get to see nearly all of them.
The evening program included performances by Charlie Zahm and George Sarris, as well as the worldwide premier of three of Vision Forum’s new short films, shot by the Leclerc brothers in Iceland: Dominion, Risk, and Manhood. Doug Phillips also cast his vision for the Hazardous Journeys Society. To sum, National Geographic and other nature programing TV and media which promote evolutionistic scientism have had the upper hand for too long. This is our Father’s world, and the Hazardous Journeys Society exists to document the world where Christ is Lord and King. 
Doug Phillips in Iceland with headlamp
Mr. Phillips called for independent filmmakers to take teams all over the globe, to 7 continents, 5 oceans, and 195 countries by the year 2022. In the next 24 months, Vision Forum hopes to take a venture on the Virgin Galactic private space shuttle to the next frontier: Space.
Hazardous Journeys Society

Final Day of the 2012 SAICFF Christian Filmmakers Academy

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012


2012 SAICFA Doug Phillips and panel

Wednesday was the final day of the SAICFA, or Christian Filmmakers Academy. Once again, Extreme Meetings provided some statistics about the filmmakers in attendance. Christian Filmmakers primarily watch PG-13 rated films (39%) on DVD (71%). When they rent, they like to use Netflix (41%) and Redbox (25%). About half of the attendees see 1-2 films in a theater per year (49%), and the rest are split between those that visit the theater 1-2 times per month, and those who have never seen a film on the big screen.
Today’s theme was the business of film, focusing especially on distribution, fulfillment and marketing. Kirk Cameron, Stephen Kendrick, Philip and Chris Leclerc, Curtis Bowers, Collin GunnJohn Moore, David Cook, J.D. King, Geoff Botkin and Doug Phillips all took the stage to offer their unique insights into the business end of film production. One consensus introduced by Curtis Bowers is the importance of grassroots film promotion. Once people are excited about a film, they want to tell their friends.  This is the idea that motivates our National Movie Night project.  The day ended with Kirk Cameron discussing his new film, Monumental.
Tryg Jacobson opened the morning with the ‘Brand Identification Model’, a simple system to evaluate your brand. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream was an example: “Ben & Jerry’s serves ice cream lovers who don’t do things by halves [or halfway]. Ben & Jerry’s fills your face full of flavor so you can feel gloriously righteous about your indulgence. It is outrageously packed full of the stuff we love to love.”
Colin Gunn remarked on the importance of tone in documentaries, saying, “Theology without art is impassionate. Art without theology is selfishness.”
John Moore on distribution noted a maxim that his father had taught him. That is, wherever you are, you are an ambassador for yourself, your business, and your brand. So always be professional.
Oh, and one more thing, unanimously agreed to by the panel: if you can, win the SAICFF Jubilee Best of Festival award; It’s one of the best things you can do for distribution and sales. Thursday the festival begins, and the $101,000 best of festival winner will be decided. Who are you rooting for?

Report from the Christian Filmmakers Academy

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012
SAICFF 2012 Christian Filmmakers Academy, courtesy of
Yesterday was the second day of the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Academy (SAICFA). This year, the academy is equipped with automatic voting systems, and the day began with about 15 minutes of polling and research. Some surprising results: over 50% of attendees aren’t currently working on a project. 7% came to look for new films to finance.
Another highlight of the day was Justin Tolley’s lecture called, “I once was at Lost, but now am found.” Here, he discussed the difference between working on the set of Lost, and working on the set of Courageous.
The evening Keynote was split between retired advertising executive Tryg Jacobson and Doug Phillips. First, Tryg delivered an eye-opening lecture on branding for filmmakers. The key word of branding is trust: making and keeping promises. He also discussed the power of “mental real estate”—how companies can corner a certain word, like Volvo owns “safe” or Heinz meaning “thick.”
Then, Doug Phillips spoke on the need for action, and not just story. Here are some quotes:
“This is my father’s world—you may not take it!”
“Don’t pretend to be an expert on a subject you don’t own.”
“The reason some of us don’t write well is that we don’t study well.”
“There are no bench warmers in the Army of God.”

Families Connecting at the Family Economics Conference

Monday, March 14th, 2011


This weekend saw hundreds of families join together in Raleigh, North Carolina to celebrate and learn about productive family economics at the 2011 Family Economics Conference.  Sponsored by Generations with Vision, the Family Economics Conference covered topics such as Vision for the Family Economy, How to Train Your Sons to be Financially Prepared for Marriage, The College Paradigm and the Family Economy, and Mentoring, Networking, and Contractualization, among others.

FFD families at Family Economics Conference

It was a special event that saw the rendezvous of several Freedom Film Distributor families. Alan Hillman's family represented Freedom Film Distributors in the vendor hall, Randy Winton and his sons had a booth for their new home business promotion venture Christian Home Industry, and I had a booth for a new project I've just launched called True Food Solutions, a community content and networking site focused on finding solutions to the challenges of finding healthy and affordable food in an era of rising food prices. It was a blessing to fellowship together with others from our Freedom Film Distributor family.

 The Wintons singing bluegrass gospel at Family Economics Conference

The Wintons were invited to perform their wonderful bluegrass gospel music for the large crowd, and provided wonderful uplifting entertainment during lunchtime and the evening keynote sessions.

Practical business ideas panel discussion

The Family Economics Conference addressed many issues that are foundational to the existence and vision of Freedom Film Distributors. It was a blessing to meet with and learn alongside many other families that are seeking to be productive in and through their family life.  We encourage you to purchase the Family Economics Conference audio to benefit from the wonderful widom shared by the speakers this past weekend.  Visit the Freedom Film Distributors website if you are interested in pursuing a simple family business opportunity you can do with your children.

Divided premiere at SAICFF a huge success – now sign up to host a Movie Night!

Friday, October 29th, 2010


The worldwide premiere of the just-released documentary Divided was last night at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF).  The film received a standing ovation at the end, and was followed by an on-stage discussion with producer Peter Bradrick (pictured below), Philip LeClerc, and the entire Divided documentary team.

 Divided premiere at SAICFF interviewing producer Peter Bradrick

Now it's your turn.  Divided has partnered with Freedom Film Distributors' National Movie Night project to conduct a nationwide screening release the weekend of December 3-5, and we are looking to get as many people as possible to sign up as Movie Night Hosts to screen Divided across the country.

Visit the Divided page at and sign up as a Movie Night Host today!

Divided the Movie

National Movie Night - Join us and host a movie night in your community!

New Divided documentary to get nationwide screening through Freedom Film Distributors and new National Movie Night project

Thursday, October 28th, 2010
Divided the Movie
National Movie Night - Join us and host a movie night in your community!
New Divided documentary to get nationwide screening through Freedom Film Distributors and new National Movie Night project
San Antonio, TX, 10/28/2010 — The brand new documentary film Divided, being premiered tonight during the opening day of the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF), will be screened nationwide through National Movie Night, a project of Freedom Film Distributors. The producer, Peter Bradrick of the National Council of Family Integrated Churches, has announced he will partner with Freedom Film Distributors to promote and distribute the film nationwide through its grassroots network of independent distributors and through screenings of the film as part of the National Movie Night project. National Movie Night is designed to harness the energy of fans of family-oriented films by giving them a way to host movie nights for independently produced films in their communities.
Divided follows young Christian filmmaker Philip LeClerc on a revealing journey as he seeks answers to what has led his generation away from the church. Traveling across the country conducting research and interviewing church kids, youth ministry experts, evangelists, statisticians, social commentators, and pastors, Philip discovers the shockingly sinister roots of modern, age-segregated church programs, and equally shocking evidence that the pattern in the Bible for training future generations is at odds with modern church practices. For more info and to see the film trailer, visit:
Now in its sixth year, the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF) has established itself as the premiere Christian film festival, and gives away the largest single cash prize of any film festival in the US – secular or Christian. Each year a check for $101,000 is awarded to the Best of Festival Jubilee Award winner. One of the key components of its mission is "To facilitate the development of alternative and independent vehicles for producing and distributing films outside the Hollywood machine, which will build, bless, and benefit the American family." For more info, visit:
The National Movie Night project was launched this week as one component of the strategy of Freedom Film Distributors to build the "alternative and independent vehicles" mentioned in the SAICFF mission. National Movie Night establishes a schedule of nationally coordinated movie nights that will focus promotion for a particular film in a defined date range. This will allow Freedom Film Distributors to leverage its national promotional campaigns through its Movie Night Hosts at the local level for the film screenings they are hosting. Movie Night Hosts will be provided with planning guidance and promotional tools to set up and promote their movie night, and with DVD packs to distribute to event attendees. The goal is to provide a conduit for grassroots activism to promote independently produced family-friendly films to diverse audiences all around the country. For more info, visit:
Company History
Freedom Film Distributors is a film distribution company focused on independently produced faith-friendly, family-oriented, and freedom-loving films and educational videos. Its business strategy is a decentralized model of distribution using a network of local distributors to engage both consumer and wholesale markets in their territories through a combination of event marketing, organizational partnerships, and local networks. Movie Night Hosts help promote films through the National Movie Night project and other local film screenings. Organizational partnerships and affiliates help broaden the awareness of the Freedom Film Distributors catalog of God-honoring and family-edifying products.
For more information, contact Jason Matyas, Co-Founder of Freedom Film Distributors at 434-321-8909 x321or  Visit Freedom Film Distributors online at

Special Report from the Providential History Festival

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010
We're happy to share this report from our distributors in Omaha, Nebraska, Brian and Kit Fox, who this past weekend attended the Providential History Festival.
 Fox family at Providential History Festival
The Fox Family was a Bronze Sponsor of the Providential History Festival this past weekend at the Strategic Air and Space Museum in Ashland, NE. The Festival showcased speeches, dramas, table displays, short stories, and essays all focused on the providence of God throughout history. It is an amazing event that we encourage you all to attend next year!
Providential History Festival
At the Festival we were able to display and sell our great line of Freedom Films. We had the opportunity to meet many new people and also let our friends see what we have been up to these past several months. People we met were excited about the vision of Freedom Film Distributors and look forward to seeing more of us in the future.   We recently booked a venue for our first Family Movie Night and we were able to get the word out to a large audience.
 Providential History Festival
It was wonderful to have our whole family working together, from the planning stages to the final event. One of our most important goals for our involvement with Freedom Film Distributors is to use it as an entrepreneurship training tool for our five sons. It is exciting to see them use their unique giftings in our venture. It's also great to be able to stretch them each a bit so we can all grow in our abilities.
Fox family at Providential History Festival
A couple of special opportunities arose from this event. First, we met a local radio personality who is willing to do a short interview of our family to let the community know about Freedom Film Distributors! Also, we had the privilege of announcing the awards in the drama category, giving us stage time to talk about our vision and the ability to present the winner with a gift from the Freedom Film Distributors catalog.
While we have done several Freedom Film events this summer, this was our largest local event so far. It was great to share our family and distributor vision with those in our community. We look forward to the opportunity to serve in new and exciting ways, starting with our first movie night next month.

Faith, Family, and Freedom in Virginia

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

We’re having a great time with thousands of home educators at the 2010 HEAV Convention in Richmond.  There is wonderful attendance this year at this very well-run conference, with hundreds of volunteers that make this event possible.  I caught this sight of a father and daughter browsing products at our booth that really demonstrates a wonderful and unique aspect of home education – just being together.

HEAV father and daughter browsing FFD videos

The feedback on our products and vision for sharing them in communities across the nation has been very positive.  We look forward to what God has in store for Freedom Film Distributors in the days and weeks ahead.

HEAV FFD booth with ladies looking at DVD and girls behind

The most popular product so far for the weekend is the American Heritage Digital Library, which is an outstanding value for a massive educational resource such as this.

American Heritage Digital Library product flyer

(Special thanks to Ethan Ledden for outstanding job he did on this product flyer being displayed at the HEAV covention.)

Getting Ready in Virginia

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Steve has been working hard lately with the help of his older children to get ready for this day.  Today is the start of the Virginia homeschooling convention hosted by Home Educators of Virginia (HEAV) in Richmond.  Before packing up and getting on the road, they did a mockup of the Freedom Film Distributors display table.  As you can see, there was a lot of anticipation and excitement to be found.

Girls setting up display table

Stay tuned for updates from the convention, as we share the vision of Freedom Film Distributors with home educators from across Virginia.