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Act Like Men Memorial Day Giveaway

Friday, May 25th, 2012

We're giving away a copy of the new Act Like Men DVD, released on the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic.  Entries for the Act Like Men DVD Giveaway will be accepted until midnight ET May 31st.

Act Like Men

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IndoctriNation will Premiere Nationwide through National Movie Night this weekend

Friday, March 16th, 2012


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Best Documentary award-winning film "IndoctriNation" reveals the anti-God nature of American public education, will be screened nationwide through National Movie Night this weekend
Esmont, VA, 3/16/2012 — The award winning new film, IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America, produced by serial documentarian Colin Gunn, will be premiered nationwide March 16-18 through the National Movie Night, a project of Freedom Film Distributors. Traveling all over America with his family in a big yellow school bus and conducting a series of candid conversational interviews, Colin Gunn, a Scottish filmmaker, actor, and homeschool father of seven children living in Texas, is on a quest to discover the origins of our modern educational system. What he discovers is a masterful design that sought to replace God’s plan for training up the next generation with a humanistic, man-centered program that fragmented the family and undermined the influence of the Church and its Great Commission.
Part documentary, part testimonial — a confessional and a rebuke, this film is above all a challenge and an encouragement to millions of Christians who need to know what history, experience, and the Scriptures have to say about what is perhaps the pivotal issue of our time: the discipleship and training of the next generation. IndoctriNation is premiering nationwide through National Movie Night, which is designed to harness the energy of fans of independently produced films by giving them a way to host movie nights in their communities. Freedom Film Distributors will also promote and distribute the film nationwide through its grassroots network of distributors and affiliates.

At the 2012 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF), IndoctriNation took the Jubilee award for Best Documentary, and was runner up for the $101,000 Best of Festival award, the largest grand prize for any independent film festival. Upon receiving the ‘Best Documentary’ award, Gunn noted that Indoctrination was made for “others out of genuine love for the concerns of children in America. We were so blessed to give this message. And at the end of the film [we] make it clear: The problem with public schools is that [they] drive children away from Christ. And that was the real reason for making this film, and we pray that the Lord was glorified in it.” Heralded as the right film at the right time by the right person, IndoctriNation has been critically acclaimed by leading Christian thinkers.
Indoctrination movie
Cal Thomas (America’s most widely syndicated op-ed columnist) writes:
"Every Christian parent with a child in a government school should see this [movie] and be forced to confront their unwillingness to do what Scripture requires for the children on loan to them by God. A mass exodus from government schools is the only way to preserve the souls and minds of our children." IndoctriNation is a feature length documentary film that takes the audience on a panoramic exploration of one of the most important and controversial issues in the history of mankind, the issue of education.
Ted Baehr of MovieGuide exclaimed:
"This is the most important issue facing the Body of Christ, an issue that must be addressed and put to rest forever. IndoctriNation is an extremely important movie. Every church in America should show IndoctriNation. Every Christian should show IndoctriNation to their friends."
Indoctrination movie
For more information on the film visit the website,
The National Movie Night project is one component of the strategy of Freedom Film Distributors to build alternative and independent vehicles for the promotion of independent films that uphold the values of Faith, Family, and Freedom. National Movie Night establishes a schedule of nationally coordinated movie nights that will focus promotion for a particular film in a defined date range. This will allow Freedom Film Distributors to leverage its national promotional campaigns through its Movie Night Hosts at the local level for the film screenings they are hosting. Movie Night Hosts are provided with planning guidance and promotional tools to set up and promote their movie night, and with DVD packs to distribute to event attendees. The goal is to provide a conduit for grassroots film promotion of independently produced family-friendly films to diverse audiences all around the country. For more info, visit:

Freedom Film Distributors is a film distribution company focused on independently produced faith-friendly, family-oriented, and freedom-loving films and educational videos. Its business strategy is a decentralized model of distribution using a network of local distributors to engage both consumer and wholesale markets in their territories through a combination of event marketing, organizational partnerships, and local networks. Movie Night Hosts help promote films through the National Movie Night project and other local film screenings. Organizational partnerships and affiliates help broaden the awareness of the Freedom Film Distributors catalog of God-honoring and family-edifying products. Independent film marketing services and consultation to producers is also available.  For more info, visit:

Curtis Bowers reveals the Agenda and you can too

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011


Curtis Bowers: Producer of Agenda the movie  Curtis Bowers – writer, director, and producer of Agenda: Grinding America Down – was recently interviewed by Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy on Off the Grid Radio.  He discussed his film that won the $101,000 Best of Festival Prize at the 2010 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, including recent events and how they fit into the Agenda that elites have planned for America.  It's well worth your time to listen to the interview with Curtis Bowers about Agenda: Grinding America Down.


Agenda: Grinding America Down


You can help Curtis promote this eye-opening film by hosting a movie night for Agenda this weekend! Please go to National Movie Night and sign up to host a movie night for Agenda or the other films on the fall schedule today!

National Movie Night - Join us and host a movie night in your community!

The Day of Independence

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011


Independence Hall 1776
"Before God, I believe the hour has come. … All that I have, and all that I am, and all that I hope in this life, I am now ready here to stake upon it. And I leave off as I began, that live or die, survive or perish, I am for the Declaration. It is my living sentiment, and by the blessing of God it shall be my dying sentiment. Independence now, and Independence for ever!" 
John Adams, July 1, 1776

"Resolved, That these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States, that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain is, and ought to be, totally dissolved."
Lee Resolution, presented by Richard Henry Lee of the Virginia 
Adopted by the Continental Congress, July 2nd, 1776


This act of the Congress legally separated the American Colonies from Great Britain, and thus formed the birth of the American nation as a collection of sovereign states, independent of a foreign power.


John Adams wrote his wife Abigail on July 3 about the resolution of independence:
"The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more."

"Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof"
Leviticus 25:10


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Still Standing:
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Ronald Reagan: 
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An Inconvenient Tax

Albert Einstein once wrote, "The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax." The product of 95 years' worth of additions, subtractions, deductions, and exclusions, it has become such a headache that many are calling for it to be drastically simplified or even removed all together. With a looming fiscal crisis on the horizon, April 15th seems more like a scene from a B-Horror horror movie than a day to contribute to the common good of the nation. Political favoritism, ineffective social programs, and economic manipulations all reveal the need for tax reform. But how can Americans decide the best way to change the income tax when few people even understand the code or the vast extent to which it truly affects the country?

"An Inconvenient Tax" explores the history of the income tax and brings to light the causes of its many complexities. The film follows the tax through wars, economic booms, and some of the most significant presidencies in U.S. history. To help crack the code, the film employs the country’s top economic experts, commentators, and political voices. Noam Chomsky, Steve Forbes, Joseph Thorndike, Mike Huckabee, Charles Rossotti, Dave M. Walker, Neal Boortz, Michael Graetz, Daniel Shaviro, Leonard Burman, Herman Cain and others discuss not only the problems America faces in the tax code, but also give valuable insights on how to move forward. Finally, the film gives a voice to the creators of several potential tax reform solutions who claim to have found a better way. In a time when many Americans are concerned about the future of the economy, rising deficits, and unfair tax treatment, "An Inconvenient Tax" provides a crucial, honest look at the income tax. For the first time ever, Americans can engage in the tax debate with confidence and perhaps discover a new way to tax.

An Inconvenient Tax trailer
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Why We Fight – Memorial Day Special

Thursday, May 26th, 2011


Freedom Film Distributors is excited to announce a new product fitting for this Memorial Day weekend: Frank Capra's masterpiece series on World War II called Why We Fight.

Why We Fight

Why We Fight is an incredible overview of the events leading up to America's involvement in World War II. Master filmmaker, Frank Capra, was commissioned by the US Army to produce this documentary series to show the soldiers what they were fighting for – and what evils they were fighting against. With nearly seven hours of actual footage from WWII, Why We Fight adds a new dimension to the study of history – a dimension that books and photos cannot match.
Allied leaders
Capra gives viewers a greater understanding of the issues, battles, heroes, and villains of WWII as told from America's perspective. The films in this series are as compelling as any war movie, but the battle-weary soldiers and civilians are not actors. The explosions and ensuing destruction are not the product of Hollywood special effects – they're real.
Far from perfect, Why We Fight stumbles over ideas like religious pluralism and FDR's New Deal. It's proof that history is not neutral – the bias of the teacher (in this case, Capra) shows through. As such, viewers will have their worldviews sharpened if they keep their minds engaged. Our hope with this series is that viewers will learn from the past so they can emulate the triumphs of past generations and avoid their mistakes.

Memorial Day Special!

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 Why We Fight

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WARNING! This film contains brief images of the brutalities of war and is not intended for young children. Parental discretion is encouraged.

Providence in our Foremost Founding Father George Washington

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011


George Washington addresses the Constitutional Convention


George Washington, Father of his Country, is 279 years old today!

In celebration of the birthday of the Father of our Country, Freedom Film Distributors is offering A More Perfect Union for a special price 2 for $22 (a savings of 42%), but only until midnight ET February 23rd.  Get one for yourself and give one to a friend! See the bottom of this blog post for more info on how to get this special offer.

George Washington was raised a Christian gentleman, primarily by his older brother Lawrence and his mother, his father having died when he was young. He memorized the Rules of Civility and the 110 Rules for Young Gentlemen by heart, and practiced them all of his life.  The first of the 110 Rules for Young Gentlemen describe Washington's lifelong deportment well: "Let all actions performed in public show some sign of respectful sentiment to the entire company."  His virtuous conduct and example would provided a much needed standard for the new nation in many ways.

George Washington 1772 Virginia militia uniform

His brother's death in 1752 led to his promotion to Major in the Virginia militia and assumption of command (from his brother) of parts of western Virginia. He put his skills as a surveyor to good use, surveying most of the western part of Virginia and what is today West Virginia. His heroism in battle on the frontier, especially at the Battle of Fort Du Quesne, where he providentially cheated death numerous times and organized the successful retreat of the British force after General Braddock was mortally wounded, led to his promotion to Commander in Chief of the Virginia Military Forces in 1755 at the age of 23. After serving three years in that post, he served until 1775 in the Virginia House of Burgesses, when he was unanimously chosen to serve as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army.

General George Washington 1777

When the Declaration of Independence was read to his men on July 9, 1776, he ordered chaplains placed in each regiment and proclaimed "The General hopes and trusts, that every officer and man, will endeavor so to live, and act, as becomes a Christian Soldier, defending the dearest Rights and Liberties of his country." The hardships due to inadequate supplies and funding, and repeated defeats against the largest expeditionary force fielded in the 18th Century were demoralizing, but Washington's character and sacrifice kept the Army together.  God's Providence in the retreat from Long Island and in countless other instances, led Washington to observe after the war that "The man must be bad indeed who can look upon the events of the American Revolution without feeling the warmest gratitude towards the great Author of the Universe whose divine interposition was so frequently manifested on our behalf."  This not only included protection from destruction during defeat in battle and surviving the brutal winter at Valley Forge, but unexpected victory in battles such as the Battle of Trenton and Battle of Princeton, which turned the tide of the war, at least in terms of the spirit of the colonists.

Washington crosses the Delaware

After the war, he lead quietly as the unanimously elected President of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, seldom speaking, but always a strong presence that helped to resolve key issues in the formation of the federal republic.

 Washington presides over signing of Constitution

As the first and only unanimously elected President of the United States, he established key precedents for the role and scope of presidential action, including the precedent of only serving 2 terms.  At his inaugural address, April 30, 1789, he established the tradition of taking the oath of office with a hand on the Bible.  It was there that Washington proclaimed:

"It would be peculiarly improper to omit, in this first official act, my fervent supplications to that Almighty Being who rules over the universe…No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the Invisible Hand which conducts the affairs of men more than the people of the United States. Every step by which they have advanced to the character of an independent nation seems to have been distinguished by some token of Providential agency."

George Washington Taking Oath of Office as President

George Washington's greatness of exemplified in his lifelong exercise and demonstration of timeless virtues.  Contemporary biographer David Ramsay wrote:

"There are few men of any kind, and still fewer the world calls great, who have not some of their virtues eclipsed by corresponding vices. But this was not the case of Gen. Washington. He had religion without austerity, dignity without pride, modesty without diffidence, courage without rashness, politeness without affectation, affability without familiarity. His private character, as well as his public one, will bear the strictest scrutiny. He was punctual in all his engagements; upright and honest in his dealings; temperate in his enjoyments; liberal and hospitable to an eminent degree; a lover of order; systematical and methodical in all his arrangements. He was the friend of morality and religion; steadily attended on public worship; encouraged and strengthened the hands of the clergy. In all his public acts, he made the most respectful mention of Providence; and, in a word, carried the spirit of piety with him both in his private life and public administration."  David Ramsay, Life of George Washington, 1807

Henry "Light-Horse Harry" Lee (father of General Robert E. Lee) was chosen to give the eulogy for George Washington in 1799, where he uttered his famous words:

"First in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen, he was second to none in the humble and endearing scenes of private life. Pious, just, humane, temperate and sincere—uniform, dignified and commanding—his example was as edifying to all around him as were the effects of that example lasting. . . . Correct throughout, vice shuddered in his presence and virtue always felt his fostering hand. The purity of his private character gave effulgence to his public virtues." 

Indeed, leader around the world heralded Washington as a man for the ages, a singularly conspicuous example of virtue to be emulated throughout the ages, which is why it is such an honor to be an American and to have a Founding Father such as he.  The Duke of Wellington succintly described the greatness of George Washington:

"The purest and noblest character of modern time – possibly of all time."

Portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart


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A More Perfect Union DVD

Ronald Reagan at 100

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous with Destiny

This Sunday, February 6th, marks the 100th anniversary of the birthday of Ronald Wilson Reagan, 40th President of the United States. Just two weeks ago, on January 20th, marked the 30th anniversary of the inaguration of President Reagan in 1980.  Freedom Film Distributors is celebrating these occasions with a National Movie Night screening of Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous with Destiny during the upcoming Presidents Day weekend, February 18-21.  Sign up as a movie night host today!

With multiple anniversary dates converging within a month, we'd like to take some time to review the life of this man who was one of the most beloved leaders in modern American history.  Here are some snapshots from his life:

  • Ronald Reagan born in  Tampico, Illinois on February 6, 1911
  • Graduated from Eureka College with BA degree in economics and sociology
  • Worked as radio broadcaster in Iowa, then moved to Hollywood, California
  • Career as an actor, first in films and later television; best known for roles in Knute Rockne, All American, and Kings Row
  • Served as the president of the Screen Actors Guild and later as spokesman for General Electric (GE), where he got his start in politics
  • Switched from Democratic party to Republican party in 1964; ran and won race for California governor in 1966 and 1970
  • Ran for Republican nomination for President in 1968 and 1976 without success, but won nomination and was elected President in 1980

Ronald Reagan 40th President

  • Inaugurated as the 40th President of the United States on January 20th, 1981
  • Major domestic themes and policies of his administration included broad efforts to reduce taxes and size of government spending
  • Foreign policy actions included the invasion of Grenada to protect US citizens, the bombing of Libya after a terrorist airliner attack, and the arms buildup to challenge the Soviet Union in the Cold War. His foreign policy is credited with hastening the demise of the USSR.
  • After leaving office in 1989, Reagan was diagnosed in 1994 with Alzheimer's disease and died in 2004 at the age of 93.

The documentary film Ronald Reagan: Renzdezvous with Destiny is a wonderful telling of Reagan's amazing journey from the heartland of America to become one of the most influential and popular world leaders in modern history.  Join us in sharing this story by becoming a Movie Night Host for the upcoming National Movie Night screening of Rendezvous with Destiny during the upcoming Presidents Day weekend.

Ronald Reagan Rendezvous with Destiny

Celebrate Stonewall Jackson’s birthday with a Movie Night

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011


 Still Standing: The Stonewall Jackson Story

This Friday, January 21st, is the birthday of Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson, born January 21, 1824, and we'd like to celebrate the life of a noble Christian gentleman and godly leader with a National Movie Night screening of Still Standing: The Stonewall Jackson Story.  Our Stonewall Jackson National Movie Night is also meant to honor other American military leaders whose birthdays fall in January in what is often known as General's Month: James Longstreet (Jan. 8, 1821), Robert E. Lee (Jan. 19, 1807), and George Pickett (Jan. 28, 1825).  For a wonderful review of Lee and Jackson, please read Chuck Baldwin's article on the many and varied virtues of these men.

Our 2011 National Movie Night schedule will be coming together over the next few weeks, so please sign up to host a Movie Night for a film that you like or want to see so you can share it with those in your community.

Still Standing: The Stonewall Jackson Story

National Movie Night premier of AGENDA:Grinding America Down is this weekend

Friday, December 10th, 2010


Agenda: Grinding America Down

Winner of the

2010 San Antonio Independent Film Festival

$101,000 Grand Prize Best of Festival award


Will Receive its

Nationwide Premier This Weekend


National Movie Night - Join us and host a movie night in your community!

AGENDA: Grinding America Down is a new documentary film that exposes the long-advancing agenda of socialism in America, begun by Karl Marx and other revolutionary agents in the past all the way up to the present day. It demonstrates that the drastic changes in American society have been by design, and have successfully assaulted the Christian heritage and foundations of the nation.

 Curtis Bowers SAICFF acceptance speech
Writer/Director/Producer Curtis Bowers, a former Idaho lawmaker and graduate of the Christian Filmmakers Academy at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, was inspired to produce Agenda after a “Letter to the Editor” he penned about the immense changes in America’s culture became the feature story on the evening news and prompted protests at the Idaho State Capitol.

Dr. Ted Baehr of proclaimed "AGENDA: Grinding America Down is the most powerful exposé of the communist, socialist, progressive attempt to take over America produced so far.  AGENDA is absolutely brilliant for its clarity and well-researched understanding of the issues. It is must viewing."
Speaking of his partnership with Freedom Film Distributors, Bowers said, "The National Movie Night Project is making it very simple for families all over America to accomplish the goal of educating those around them by using the powerful tool of visual media to communicate truth.   My hope and prayer is that thousands of families across America will get involved with this project, so it will have a huge impact in turning America's culture back."
Bowers family with SAICFF 101,000 check


 Sign up to host a future Movie Night!

AGENDA SAICFF Best of Festival Acceptance Speech

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010


Agenda: Grinding America Down

AGENDA: Grinding America Down will premiere nationwide this weekend through the National Movie Night project.  Please sign up to be a movie night host and spread the word asking others to do so as well.  Today is the last day to sign up and be able to order and receive the DVD in time, as well as have time to invite others to your movie night.  Sign up to host a movie night today!

Curtis Bowers 2010 SAICFF acceptance speech closeup

Please watch and enjoy this moving speech by Curtis Bowers, writer, director, and producer of AGENDA.  Doug Phillips, President of Vision Forum and Founder of the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, exclaimed "Never in my life have I witnessed such a humble, powerful beautiful testimony of gratitude which demonstrated the kind hand of God answering the prayers of children."



Bowers family with SAICFF 101,000 check


 Join the Movement!

National Movie Night - Join us and host a movie night in your community!