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Freedom Film Distributors on Generations Radio with Kevin Swanson

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

The Founder of Freedom Film Distributors was interviewed this week on Generations Radio with Kevin Swanson  about the opportunity to be a part of our effort to bring God-honoring films to communities around the nation and the world. Kevin expressed his excitement about the opportunity that Freedom Film Distributors offers families to help build up their family economy and impact the culture in a positive way. You can listen to the entire interview on the Generations with Vision website .

Why Freedom Film Distributors? Perspective from the Founder

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Many have asked how Freedom Film Distributors came to be.  During the latter part of 2009, five ideas and interests converged in my mind and heart.   Each of these are exciting alone, but when combined, they are powerful and I hope they will be used to meet some very important needs that exist in America today.


Path 1 – Assisting Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur since the age of 12 with my first lawn service, I learned the value of taking on responsibility at an early age, working hard, and earning an income while dreaming big and fulfilling a need in the marketplace. From my experience at the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia and running both domestic and international businesses for the past 20 years, I like to brainstorm business ideas with friends and help entrepreneurs stake out a opportunities for themselves.  Entrepreneurship is at the heart of what we’re doing, and both new and experienced entrepreneurs will be able to learn and grow through an independent film distribution business or by hosting a movie night with one of our films

Bottom line – I love to help people.


Path 2 – Individuals need income opportunities

Many factors make 2010 a great time for someone to start a business or find a business opportunity that fits their lifestyle.  There are tens of thousands of underemployed or unemployed professionals who need to keep busy, stay engaged in the marketplace and earn an extra income.  Additionally, tens of thousands of homeschool youth and graduates desperately need an outlet for their creativity, drive, and desire to blaze their own financial future through honesty and hard work. This need will only grow over the next 10 years.

Bottom line – Thousands need additional household income.


Path 3 -  Investing in God-honoring films

For the past 18 months, I have worked with private investors and film producers to create a scalable, repeatable business model for investing in films that strengthen, encourage, and edify both individuals and families.  With one investment fund for family films completed and the second fund underway, it has become evident that there are plenty of financial resources available for producing God-honoring films, if the risk associated with such investments can be reduced and mitigated.  Film producers and investors need to have confidence that they will be able to sell thousands of units of each new title upon release.

Bottom line – Capital exists to invest in films, if the return on investment can be more predictable and thus, less risky.


Path 4 – Films change lives

The impact of documentaries such as A Journey Home, which details the dramatic rescue by Tommy Waller of his family from an overcommitted, overworked, and out-of- control lifestyle is far-reaching and can change the destinies of families for generations to come.  With DVD series such as Homestead Blessings showing families working happily together in the home, or working with their hands such as depicted in Inherit the Land, individuals can obtain a whole new glorious vision for their family.  To succeed in changing the culture broadly, however, we need to get these films in front of many more people.

Bottom line – Increased distribution of the films carried by Freedom Film Distributors will change lives for the better.


Path 5 – People love good films

Often it is difficult to offer suggestions and advice to friends and neighbors on topics such as faith, politics, parenting or lifestyle choices.  Inviting people to a movie, however, is easy.  In addition to signing up distributors across the country, we will also be signing up thousands of movie night "Hosts" who will open up their home, church, or organization for a free community movie night.  With popcorn, fellowship, and a meaningful movie, conversations can begin and lives can be impacted through relationships.

Bottom line – Movies are a great way to engage a community.


Family, Faith, and Freedom

Freedom Film Distributors provides a business opportunity for motivated families and individuals to earn an income while strengthening and educating their community on issues of family, faith, and freedom. In doing so, distributors will also complete an investment cycle by rapidly returning capital to investors through their sale of DVDs which will again open the door to even greater investment capital for God-honoring films.  In a few years, with thousands of screens available to us nationwide to debut new films or to hold movie nights on a particular topic, we will be able to significantly impact our culture for what is true and what is right.  You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


Prayerfully consider joining us today!